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Worlds Biggest Golf Lesson 

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Pea Wea Golf our proud to be 1 of 11 founders of the Worlds Biggest Lesson that took place on 5th May 2020. Covid-19 effected everyone in the world causing such devastation and uncertain times. Pea Wea Golf and many other golf businesses and professionals across the world were impacted by this horrible virus and lockdown made this an extremely tough time.


To support one another we set up regular Zoom calls where we could discuss issues and incentives to help our clients and businesses get through the lockdown period. During these calls it became quite clear we we all felt we wanted to give something back to our wonderful NHS

and other world health charities by launching and hosting the 'Worlds Biggest Golf Lesson'

via Instagram live story. Our goal was to break the world record of viewers and raise £10,000 for the NHS and other world health charities. 

On 5th May over 600 golf professionals (including Pea Wea Golf) took to their Instagram live stories and delivered a 15-30 minute putting lesson. The campaign was a great success and we broke the world record of the most viewers tuning in at once reaching an amazing 50,000! 

However, most importantly we reached our target and raised over £10,000 for the NHS and over $2,000 for the other world health charities.

Director and founder of Pea Wea Golf (Leah Roelich) feels so proud and privileged to have been part of this amazing group and making this simple but ambitious idea into reality! 


If you would like to see Pea Wea Golfs Instagram Live video then please visit our Instagram Page where you can find it in the IGTV section.  

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