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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Section 1 - Sessions

The Pea Wea Golf coaching programme runs over a 12-month period from the date you join. Included in the 12-month programme is:

  • 33 x sessions, which run weekly during school term time

  • 1 x Pea Wea Golf sticker each session 

  • 1 x Pea Wea Golf shirt 

  • 1 x Pea Wea Golf certificate at the end of each term 

Session duration is 30 minutes and it is the responsibility of the parents and guardians to book in their Pea Wea's 33 sessions via the app. All class times and dates can be found in section 4.


Section 2 - Costings

Costings for Pea Wea Golf per child is:

  • £30 per month 

If any Pea Wea has not played golf before or attended any Pea Wea session (including leisure centres and nursery sessions) then a free trial session can be arranged upon request by emailing leah@peaweagolf.com. 

Payment and registration for the programme must be done via the ‘Leadbetter Kids’ app.


Section 3 - Equipment, clothing & footwear

All equipment is provided and juniors just need to wear comfortable clothing with appropriate footwear such as trainers or plimsols. Examples of non-appropriate shoes include; flip flops or jelly shoes as these are unstable and a non-supportive shoe which is not suitable for the activities.

Clubs are also provided for those who do not own their own.

As this a yearly programme all Pea Wea's need to be prepared for all weather conditions i.e. wearing hats and sun cream if really hot and sunny or rain jackets when wet and rainy. These things are not provided by myself or Bletchingley GC.


Section 4 - Class size, times & dates 

Class size: Maximum of 6 

Class time: Saturday's 8.30am - 9.00am 


  • Term 1 – 19th September – 24th October

  • Term 2 – 7th November - 12th December

  • Term 3 – 16th January – 13th February

  • Term 4 – 27th February – 27th March

  • Term 5 – 24th April – 29nd May

  • Term 6 – 12th June – 17th July


Section 5 - Payment

Venue - Bletchingley Golf Club, Church Lane, Bletchingley, Redhill RH1 4LP

Cost - £30 per month

Payment Type - Payment and registration for the programme must be done via the Leadbetter Kids app


Section 6 - Electronic signature and declaration

By clicking 'continue/subscribe' I declare I understand all the terms and conditions of the programme and give permission for my Pea Wea to participate and give my consent for the following:

  • An accredited representative of Pea Wea Golf to act in my absence in the event of the participant named above requiring emergency medical treatment

  • Photographs or video analysis to be used for lesson purposes

  • Photographs or videos can be published on social media and the club website 

  • My details to be added to the Leadbetter Kids database

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